Except for:

Sleepless nights, Anxiousness, Muscle aches, Restlessness, Social anxiety, Stress & Worry....

- Full spectrum hemp / CBD supplements are here to help!

Instant & Full Absorption For Immediate relief

Q Fuse Hemp Oils are Water soluble for full and instant absorption into our bodies.

Most Other Hemp Oils are 'oil soluble' and we all know that oil & water don't mix well - leaving much of it wasted and not absorbed into our bodies

Our patented BIOSYNC technology makes our hemp water soluble. So the beneficial hemp molecules are Encapsulated in water...and since our bodies are made up of mostly water, it is designed to instantly soak in water and anything inside of it too.

Which is why Q FUSE and Q REST+ is the only hemp oil I have actually been able to feel, not to mention instantly! I never thought that hemp oils actually worked until I tried these, and I didn't try those gas station cheap brands either. I spent good money on expensive hemp oils and was always left feeling next to nothing. I was so surprised to actually be able to feel the sense of calm come over me so quickly with the Q FUSE Hemp. Even though the Collagen products are so popular for anti-aging- these hemp oils are my all time favorite products made by Q SCIENCES.



Retail- $105

Wholesale- $89.95

Q Fuse

Retail- $95

Wholesale- $79.95


Retail- $95

Wholesale- $79.95


Retail- $95

Wholesale- $79.95

Whether you are having trouble sleeping at night, have social anxiety, muscle aches, seasonal sinuses, you name it!

These full spectrum hemp products are here to help!

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Hemp Oil Testimonials From Our Customers

Sue G.


The hemp oils are a game changer for my life. It helps relax me almost instantly and I am not as anxious when I go out in public now too. I don't leave the house without my fuse

Jen D.


The Hemp oils have helped with my dad's diabetes. His levels are steadier when he is using the CBD oil from Q Sciences. I never knew it had healthy amino acid chains in it


South Carolina

I have extreme anxiety and this is the only hemp oil that has ever helped me. I honestly didn't expect to have such a great experience. I feel calmer

Jessica L.


The Rest+ hemp oil has helped me sleep all the way through the night. I have never bragged so much about a product in my life.

Emily J.


I don't go a night without this stuff. I love the Q Rest. I fall asleep and stay asleep all night. If I do wake up to go to the bathroom I am able to fall right back asleep again.



It's so funny that my dog begs me for the pet hemp oil.

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